Kevin Zhang's Success through APSA: A Personal Story
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Kevin Zhang

I learned about APSA in my junior year of college, when I attended the fall regional meeting at the Icahn School of Medicine. I enjoyed hearing about the many diverse research questions tackled by the attending physician scientists—such exposure was scarce at Princeton University due to its lack of a medical school. The workshop on MD/PhD programs led by Dr. Skip Brass, director of the University of Pennsylvania’s MSTP, was particularly useful to me as I thought about my future as a physician scientist. The regional meeting motivated me to start an APSA local chapter at Princeton.

The APSA local chapter gave Princeton students access to a vast set of educational and networking resources. The local chapter invited physician scientists from several neighboring medical schools for dinner discussions on physician scientist careers and MD/PhD program admissions. With a travel grant from APSA, our chapter was also able to send four students to the 2015 Annual Meeting. The Annual Meeting, with its many keynote speakers and workshops, showed me how valuable APSA can be, and together with the other APSA events that I participated in, solidified my decision to apply to MD/PhD programs. I am now a first year in the University of Pennsylvania's MSTP and am proud to be one of Penn’s institutional representatives, through which I hope to continue expanding APSA’s reach to budding physician scientists.